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About this survey:

You are invited to take part in this survey to inform future farm advice and support for tree planting on farms to improve air quality through using treebelts to capture ammonia. The majority of the question are tick-box type and should take you 10-15 minutes to complete. No location or personal details are collected within the survey.

Treebelts planted downwind of livestock housing have been shown to capture ammonia by around 5-20% depending on the age, species, height and design of the treebelt  A tool and guidance have already been developed and can be found at the Farm Trees to Air website.

This survey is part of the Ammonia Reduction from Trees (ART) project to gather farmer’s views on how tree shelter belts/woodlands fit specifically for ammonia capture with the farm business, pros/cons and practicalities, constraints and farmer motivations for tree planting for ammonia capture.

We are aware that trees are planted on farms for many reasons, but here we focus on ammonia capture with trees.

The ART project partners include Natural England (Catchment Sensitive Farming), the UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, Forest Research, Environment Agency, Lakes Free Range Eggs company and Cumbria Farm Environment Partnership (CFEP).

The ART project partners have carried out extensive ammonia monitoring and measurements on farms in Cumbria to testing how effective tree shelter belts and woodlands are for capturing ammonia emissions from farming. The evidence from field measurements, survey and farm case studies will be used to develop tools, advice and grant options for farmers through environmental land management schemes.